The logo for Sciggles Creations! It features a rich, cyan blue Sciggles head breathing hot pink fire on the left and a hot pink Bubblegum Candy zebra-horse head with a rich, cyan blue flower on her ear on the right. The words "Sciggles Creations" are below

She/They | Demi-bi | Genderqueer | Disabled Artist

Hello!My name is Sciggles.  I'm a momma of two and creator of many things cute and quirky!  I specialize in fantasy works with bright and vivid colors.  I work in many mediums, but my main focus since having kiddos is digital creations. Content creation is my main source of income and hope to continue branching into new and exciting ventures!Thank you for stopping by and helping to support my lil family!
I look forward to seeing you around!


Terms of Service

Sciggles Terms of Service AgreementBy sending payment, you are agreeing to these terms, conditions, and rights. This document and its terms are subject to revisions, editing, and additions without notice at any time. Revisions, edits, and additions will be listed in footnotes with dates of their addendums.Commission Prices: [link]This Terms of Service Agreement is entered into between the artist (I, me) and the client (you) for the commission of a work. By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the following terms:1. Displayed base prices are subject to change according to the complexity, difficulty, size, and deadline of each individual piece.2. Clear and accurate visual references and/or description of a commission must be provided unless otherwise stated (e.g. Your Character Here (YCH), artistic freedom piece) after which you will be sent a quote. Any additional fees will be listed.3. Payments are accepted in USD only, through PayPal, Square, Cash App, Venmo, or Zelle. Occasionally, I may accept Amazon trades, but that must be discussed beforehand on a specific item.4. Payments are expected to be made within 24 hours unless otherwise discussed. Payment plans are available for anything greater than $250 USD. Once full payment has cleared, your commission will be added to the work queue: [Trello link]5. Once your commission has been started, unless it is a type that does not offer work in progress stages (WIPs), you will be able to request any revisions or edits at any time during the sketch phase up to three (3) times. Any changes after that amount will incur a fee for time added to your commission. If you change your mind on poses, characters, or layout, it may increase the length of time a commission takes and could incur an additional fee. Only minor changes can be requested once the commission is complete (e.g. color alteration, small jewelry).6. I reserve the right to reject any requested changes pertaining to artistic skill or style (e.g. “Make it look how ‘X’ draws it”).7. Refund policy is as follows:
If you wish to cancel your commission before work begins, I will retain 5% of the original commission payment in US dollars as a convenience fee.
In the event of your cancellation during the sketch stage phase, a 50% refund of original payment will be issued.
No refund will be issued if you cancel during the color stage, or after the commission is complete.
If I decide to cancel the commission, 100% of the original commission payment in US dollars will be refunded back to you.
8. I reserve the right to cancel a commission and issue a refund due to poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior, or an unforeseen inability to complete the commission (e.g. personal health, family matters).9. Communications about commissions between any and all working parties (i.e. you as the commissioner and me as the artist) will be sent to both “[email protected]” and my art manager.10. I will ensure that you will receive updates on your commission when necessary. You are encouraged to check in for updates, assurance, reminders, or questions. Public updates will also be made via my communication channels.
[links to: Trello, Twitter, Bluesky, Discord, Telegram]
11. Content for which I will NOT accept commissions or works of are as follows, but are not limited to (i.e. will not draw list):
Hate works, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, etc.
Hard vore/digestion.
Scat or dirty diapers.
Anything involving vomit.
Cub/underage characters in inappropriate/suggestive scenarios, or otherwise mature/adult content.
12. I reserve the right to reject any commission for any reason, with the reason not needing to be disclosed.13. I retain the right to display all commissioned work on any personal website, gallery, or various communication channels. No private work will be accepted unless otherwise previously discussed, which will incur an additional fee. Exceptions are for commissions that are gifts for certain events (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, holidays).14. I retain ALL rights to the commissioned artwork, including the right to make prints and merchandise, as well as to alter the commissioned work for use as a Your Character Here (YCH) or generic print if needed at my discretion. If you would like to purchase the rights to your image, we can negotiate a price, but most instances will result in a $500 fee.15. You retain all rights to your respective characters. This does not allow you rights to the commissioned work (see sections 13 and 14). I can, and will, file Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) claims or takedown requests if I feel my artist’s rights are being infringed upon or violated.16. You may not profit from any commissioned work. This includes, but is not limited to, any sale of the digital files or rights to the image(s). If you wish to use your art for stickers or emotes, it MUST be discussed beforehand. It is required that I be given visible credit in any applications in which the works are being used (e.g. Discord, Telegram, Twitch).17. Usage of works for artificial intelligence (AI) tools, platforms, or programs; machine learning (ML) tools, platforms, or programs; AI or ML training; Non-fungible tokens (NFTs); blockchains; or other for-profit platforms/purposes, is strictly prohibited.18. You may create prints for personal use only (e.g. display in the home or as gifts). You may also resize or crop the works to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics to be used in non-commercial digital formats, but you cannot alter the work itself. You may also upload the work to your personal website or gallery, so long as it is accompanied by a credit line to me, and it must not be a high resolution or unwatermarked version of the work. My watermark(s) must remain intact and unaltered.19. I reserve the right to recycle sketches and base works for other commissions or personal works.20. In the event that you are unreachable by ordinary contact means for three (3) months or more, I reserve the right to cancel any commission from you and retain a 5% fee. If you are unreachable for six (6) months or more, a refund will not be issued. You may receive credit that is valid towards another commission at my current rate (having rescinded your spot in line due to lack of communication). If you are unreachable for one (1) year or more, all payment is then void and no credit will be given towards a new work.21. I may not be available to answer emails on holidays, scheduled days off from work, or emergencies. If you do not receive an email reply within seven (7) days, you are highly encouraged to resend your email, or you may contact me via social media.22. You understand and agree to all the above terms before entering into an agreement/commission with me. You also agree that you are 18+ years of age and are legally able to commit to an agreement, or that you have a parent or legal guardian able to make this agreement on your behalf. By sending payment, you agree to all of the above terms, conditions, and rights.

Feral Sciggles splatting pink-painted paw prints all over the wall.


Below is a list of all of my most commonly used contact links!  They range in everything from my socials to where I upload my works to how you can support me.  Inquiries are always welcome!Important to note!
The majority of my spaces are NSFW environments.  Please keep this in mind should you have younger audiences around you, or those simply uncomfortable with that type of content. 
Thank you!